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To be succinct, I am an experienced business marketing and operations strategist, based on ground-up experience gained working in real Blue Chip businesses from Trainee Manager through to main board director. Career highlights include:

1984-1993: Managing, marketing and developing department stores for what was once the largest private business in Europe with over 36,000 employees with a 3.6B TO.

1992-2000: Carnell; Marketing and Development Director; Group Operations; Marketing and Infrastructure, with a team of c900, thereafter the new business model and template roll out. On leaving Dixon (Carnell)(Acquired by Dixon Motors PLC FTSE 250 1997) in 2000 to form my own company, they were the largest motorcycle group in the world, with a turnover exceeding 200m PA. I was the Marketing & Development Director, one of eight, for the +1 Billion FTSE 250 Company.

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Honours & Awards

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy working alongside HM Government initiatives with UKTI, and was appointed as one of few ‘Expert Growth Accelerator Coaches’ where I offered tangible business strategy reviews, prospective and strategy for large SME’s (+30M). Whilst this initiative rolled for several years, it closed in April 2016. From this initiative, I accepted 1 of only 57 positions as a Digital Marketing Strategist working alongside Enterprise Nation (HM Government strategy solutions provider).

I believe passionately in offering as much tangible help and advice as possible to SME businesses. As such I was also, through HM Government UKTI, the sole media spokesperson for Digital Marketing Strategy for Yorkshire.




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