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  • Real-world business professional
  • Over 30 years’ experience.
  • Bespoke strategies over a range of industries.


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Corporate Career

My experience as a business strategist does not stem from text books, nor am I an academic theorist. I feel proud that my experience has been earned at the sharp end of a variety of very large Blue Chip, +3Billion or FTSE 250 trading businesses. I have, over the course of my corporate career, either had senior management or director level responsibility for operations, strategy, or marketing. At 33, I left the corporate world to launch my own business. That was during the year 2000, 18 years ago. Over that period of time I have opened, closed or sold a variety of retail and online trading businesses.

Bespoke Strategies

There is no real off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all business strategy. Each business has its own dynamics, mostly driven by people, ambition and ability. Your industry or sector is an important factor. I do not offer a strategy to certain business sectors, including Adult, Political, Religious or businesses with annual revenues that exceed 45M. You will see within the information About Me that I have been the principle driving executive director that engineered historical growth from 9M to c200M over the course of 5 years. This business was eventually purchased by a major high street bank.

Business Priorities

Which comes first: Goal Setting (Budgets); Financial Enablement (Cash Flow); Operations; Team Development; Marketing; or IT/Communications Infrastructure? Well, the answer is, all of them simultaneously. Financial Enablement must always be at the forefront of any business plan or strategy. This ensures that sufficient funds are accessible to achieve any infrastructure, recruitment or marketing requirements.

Often removing yourself completely from your business can allow your mind to clear, allowing you to stand back and consider your competitors, market leaders, trailers and what perhaps is yet to happen in your industry sector.




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